DIY Personalized Halloween Sign Using Dollar Tree Vinyl

If you like to craft and do Cricut projects like me, then you know how pricey vinyl and all the accessories can be! I recently made a trip to Dollar Tree and stumbled across an end cap with $1.25 vinyl! Yes, you read that right! The same 12″ x 48″ roll that you get elsewhere for nearly $5, is only $1.25 at your local Dollar Tree! I couldn’t believe it and just had to share!

I like to go to Dollar Tree around each holiday to see what fun items I can find. I usually find some cute little decorations or items to put in goodie bags for the kids. I went in hopes to score some fun Halloween things. I like to shop Halloween and holiday items early because if you don’t, you miss out on the most popular things. They were just getting their seasonal items changed over to Fall and Halloween, so in this case I was a tad too early. They did have a few things, so I grabbed some items for the Halloween Boo Bags that we make each year to pass out to neighbors!

I came across the vinyl and it was definitely the deal of the day! I wanted to test the quality of the vinyl before buying a bunch, so I grabbed 2 to begin with – black and some transfer tape. I was excited to try out the inexpensive vinyl I found, and I had the perfect project already in mind.

Halloween is kind of a big deal in our house. Over the years we’ve created various Halloween family traditions that we all look forward to celebrating. Plus, Halloween means that Blaise turns another year older, so we always have his birthday party around then. One of the things we like to do during the spooky season is watch all the scary movies! Ok, well…not really the scary ones with the boys…yet! They really like the animated versions of The Addams Family movies around Halloween. The second one came out last year and we had to go watch it in theatres. They like them so much that around Halloween they will walk around singing the Addams Family theme song….ALL.THE.TIME! Braxton and I have even learned to play the song on the piano. I also have the cutest video of them playing in the bath tub and singing the song. So…the song is a big deal in our family! Ha!

I decided to make a sign, using the Addams Family Theme Song, but replacing their family name with our family name! I thought it was so cute and I couldn’t wait to see how it would turn out!

I found the blank wooden sign at Michael’s. Using a 50% off coupon, the sign ends up being less than $14.

I used the Cricut Design Space app to make the design, and my Cricut Explore Air to cut the design onto the vinyl.

Once the cuts are made, you have to weed the excess vinyl from the words using the weeding tool. This step takes a little time, but it’s rather relaxing to do!

Next, it’s time to get that transfer tape out and transfer your design onto it. This allows you to transfer the design onto something else and make sure that’s it’s spaced out appropriately thanks to the grid lines. You’ll also need the Cricut smoothing tool to do this step. After it’s smoothed down, slowly and gently remove the transfer paper. If the vinyl isn’t sticking, smooth over it again.

After everything is transferred over and you remove the transfer tape, make sure it’s stuck down nice and good. I usually just run my hand over it, pressing down on the vinyl.

Look at that little cutie! He’s been super excited about this sign, and he now incorporates our last name into the song when he sings it!

I think it turned out super cute! The Dollar Tree vinyl definitely exceeded my expectations and I will be purchasing more for future projects! Dollar Tree for the win! $$$

Check back soon to see how I used this piece in my Halloween decor!

Have a sweet & ‘KOOKY’ day! đŸ˜‰


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