Family Getaway to SeaWorld!

We have had some painting projects going on around the house for the past couple of weeks.  We’ve had the staircase railing re-done, the office repainted, and currently the kitchen is undergoing a complete remodel.  The majority of work on these projects happens over the weekend, so we try to get the boys out of the house so they’re not in the way of the workers. 

While the office was being painted we decided to go on a weekend getaway to San Antonio to take the boys to SeaWorld.  We took Braxton there whenever he was a little over 1-year old and he had a blast seeing all the sea animals and playing at their kiddie play area.  We knew both boys would have a great time!

We left Friday around noon and headed to Austin for the night.  Brock and I found an Adventure Playcare, which is an after-hours drop-off babysitting agency, in Austin near where we were staying.  There is an Adventure Playcare near our house that we use occasionally in order to have a date night or just grab dinner without the kids.  The boys love it there and actually ask if they can go to “Adventure”!  We dropped the boys off and found a neat little brewery nearby called Whitestone Brewery.  We shared a flight to sample their most popular beers.  The place was happening and they had food trucks and a great atmosphere. 

After our flight, we decided to try the surf and turf restaurant, C.R.’s Seafood, which was just around the corner and was within walking distance.  After filling our bellies we decided to head back to get the boys.  We came across a sushi reasturant right by Adventure Playcare that looked to be hoppin’.  We decided we had a little extra time to stop in and check it out for a bit.  We listened to the live jazz music and enjoyed our extended date night for a little longer before picking up the boys and heading to the hotel.  It was a perfect date night and the boys were able to expend a little bit of energy and play and have fun!

Saturday morning, we had breakfast at the hotel before hitting the road to San Antonio.  The drive was about 1 hour 45 minutes and we arrived just as the park was opening.  Perfect timing! 

The first stop for us was the “Sea Lion High” show!  We remembered it being one of our favorite shows from our last visit and wanted to make sure we were able to see it this trip as well.  Of course, the boys loved it and thought the sea lions were silly as they danced and splashed around!  It was a great time!

Next, we went to the “Pets Ahoy” show which was surprisingly awesome!  The show featured rescued animals from local animal shelters.  There were dogs, cats, birds, and even gerbils and a pig! Each animal was trained to perform their part and it was truly a cute show!  Afterwards you could stay and pet the animals which all the kids loved!

The boys wanted to play at the “Bay of Play” kids area so we let them run around for a bit and we rode some rides.  They even got to see Elmo and his friends!

By this time the boys were hungry, so we grabbed some lunch at the “Harbor Marketside” and enjoyed eating outside.  We then caught the penguin exhibit, the sea turtles, and Mom and Dad even got to ride a roller coaster!  (separately, of course!)  The Orca Show was Braxton’s favorite!  He loved watching the huge “Killer Whales” jumping and swimming around in the water!  Blaise ended up falling asleep in the stroller and missed out on the whales while Brock pushed him around the park.

We saw the flamingos, beluga whales, and crocodiles before heading back to the kid’s area to play and ride some more rides.  Braxton’s favorite ride was the kiddie roller coaster, and we couldn’t get Blaise off of the carousel!  We ended up finding a nice shaded picnic table to enjoy a snack.  It was great being able to bring in our own snacks and drinks versus spending an arm and a leg on unhealthy “carnival style” food!

We then made our way to the dolphin and shark exhibits since those were about all we had left to see!  The boys loved watching the dolphins play, they even had an underground viewing area to watch the dolphins swim around under the water!  The sharks and stingrays were another hot exhibit for the boys.  I think they sang “Baby Shark” a couple times while watching them swim around!  Hehe! 😉

We had the best little family getaway at SeaWorld!  During the summer, they have extended park hours and show times as well as a waterpark called Aquatica!  We lucked out as far as the weather goes and had a perfect sunny, fall day!  Brock and I love to go on adventures with the boys making fun lasting memories, and this was definitely another one to add to the books!  If you have never been I highly suggest going!

Have a sweet day!



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