Weekend Vibes


“What are you up to this weekend?” That’s something my mom and I usually always e-mail each other on Friday.  Although we don’t talk on the phone very often, we do stay in touch via e-mail which is nice since we live 215 miles apart.  It’s not really a Friday unless we send our weekly ‘TGIF!’ e-mails!

It’s been a really busy week and it looks like our weekend is quickly filling up with fun activities.  Even though it looks like it will be busy, I definitely look forward to spending quality time with my family.  During the summer, our weekends normally consist of taking the boat out on the lake, lots of swimming in the pool, and going to church.  I don’t believe we’ll be heading to the lake this weekend, but we still have a lot of fun things going on!


Tonight is our monthly “Ladies Bunco Night” with the ladies from my neighborhood.  Nothing like a night with a group of women and wine to get the weekend started!


There will definitely be lots of swimming this weekend with the 100+ temps forecasted.  Fruit by the pool and a cool drink in hand is a must have!


I usually cook up large meals on the weekends so that we can have easy left-overs for dinner during the week.  This weekend’s menu consists of Chicken Pad Thai, my Famous Meatloaf Muffins, and a Smoked Sausage, Broccoli, & Rice Skillet.  For Sunday morning breakfast, we will be having “Pan-Pancakes”.  Be sure to check back for those delicious recipes!

Saturday morning we have a birthday party to go to.  It’s a bunch birthday party with pancakes and an inflatable water slide!  How fun!  On Saturday afternoon, we are planning to head to Dallas.  With Dallas school district back to school, we figured it would be a less busy weekend to enjoy the Perot Museum of Nature & Science.  The boys will be stoked to see the gargantuan dinosaur fossil skeletons!  We have been wanting to check out this museum for a while so we are all really excited to go!


On top of all the other things we have going on, I usually try to set a weekend goal to do a small project or knock something off my never-ending “To-Do” list.  I have multiple side projects that I want to start working on:

  1. Paint the upstairs guest bathroom.
  2. Reupholster the breakfast table chairs.
  3. Start a small sewing project. (more on that later!)
  4. Sew dining room curtains.

Three of the projects require me to find fabric, so I will probably be going to Jo-Ann’s or Hobby Lobby at some point, yay!

It’s also one of my girlfriend’s birthday’s next week, so I need to find a little something else to go with her gift.

See the source image

Last week we planted 8 pumpkin seeds in hopes of having a pumpkin direct from our garden to carve for Halloween this year.  I’m happy to announce that all 8 seeds have sprouted and have already started trailing into tiny little vines!  From planting to cultivating it takes about 100 days to grow a pumpkin.  Since we got a little bit of a late start, we need to help the crop along the best we can…we need a pumpkin in about 90 days!  So, this weekend we need to fertilize the recently sprouted seeds.  Pumpkins are heavy feeders, so hopefully giving them some nutrients will give them a little head start for growth.  If we don’t have pumpkins by Halloween, I’ll be going to the pumpkin patch and sneaking a “home-grown” pumpkin into our garden one night!

See the source imagehttps://www.burpee.com/gardenadvicecenter/vegetables/pumpkins/how-to-grow-huge-pumpkins/article10276.html

I can’t wait to sport this new romper while out and about this weekend.  It’s the perfect weekend style – cute and comfy!

Feitong 2018 Sexy Women Sleeveless Striped Jumpsuit Romper Women Casual Clubwear Beach Casual Wide Leg Pants Outfit Playsuit-cigauy

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  Thanks for supporting me this week, check back often!  Much Love ~ Jen

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