The Flower Napkin Fold

One of my goals has been to have a nice, sit-down family dinner on Sunday’s.  Complete with a formal place-setting of china, silver, stemmed crystal drinkware, floral centerpieces, candles, and music playing in the background to set the mood.

I usually don’t like to just fold the napkin into a rectangle and set it to the side.  The napkin can be turned into a piece of art and can really turn your table-setting from blah to wow!  You can make a Christmas tree for Christmas, a turkey for Thanksgiving, a rabbit for Easter, I’ve even seen a napkin folded into a heart.  The list is endless!

So if you’re looking to spruce up your table setting, one easy way to do that is to learn a new napkin fold!


This flower napkin fold looks impressive and is fairly easy to do!

Here are the steps…

Start with a starched, ironed napkin.  My napkin is 17” x 17”.


  1. Fold all corners in to make a diamond shape.
  2. Fold the new 4 corners in to the middle.
  3. You should now have a smaller square/diamond.
  4. Carefully flip over the square.
  5. Again, fold the 4 corners in to the middle making an even smaller square.
  6. Hold the 4 corners in the middle of the napkin.
  7. Carefully pull out the bottom layer under each corner.
  8. Once all 4 corners are pulled out from underneath, take those corners and carefully pull them up and out to make the petals of the flower.
  9. Viola!  Now you have a beautiful folded napkin!

Place it on a pretty china plate giving your table an instant wow factor!

In case setting a formal table is intimidating to you, here’s my go-to visual guide…



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