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Look at this cutie in these adorable cloth diapers!


I never thought that I’d be one of “those Mom’s” that cloth diapers their baby. But, I came across a pile of pre-fold cloth diapers tucked away in a drawer that I received as a gift for our first son. These were gifted and intended to be used as burp cloths, I might’ve used one of the 12+. I thought to myself, I have all these cloth diapers, I should use them. I grabbed one of them, and went to my sewing basket and got 2 safety pins, and I wrapped that diaper around my 3 month old, pinned it in place and thought “that wasn’t that bad! I can do this!” About an hour later I checked on the diaper and realized he was soaked. Ok…what did I miss. Isn’t this the way my Mom and Grandma diapered us? What am I doing wrong? So I decide to do some Pinterest research and find out what ‘cloth diapering’ is all about and what I’m missing.

Well…it’s not just as simple as throwing on a cloth all Tarzan style and going about your business. Oh no, there’s a whole process around cloth diapering. You have to first figure out what kind of cloth diapers you’re going to use….wait, there’s more than one kind? Oh yes! Then you have to get a setup – wipes, diaper pail, cream, and not just Pamper wipes, a Diaper Genie, and Desitin…no those are probably not going to work. Along with other accessories like sprayers, liners, and all these other things I had never even heard of. Then on top of all of that, you can’t just throw cloth diapers in the wash and wash and dry them however you please. Nope, you have to have a separate wash routine, detergent, and drying process for cloth diapers…and sometimes depending on what type of cloth diapering system you chose, you have to have multiple wash and dry routines.

So all all of this research was daunting and discouraging. I was determined to give this cloth diapering a shot. I wanted to do something good for the environment and save my family money. I thought cloth diapering was supposed to be cheaper than disposables? It wasn’t sounding that way from what I was reading and the long supply list of stuff I was going to need to buy.

I decided to go about cloth diapering with an open mind and a closed wallet. I was only going to buy the bare minimum and do it for a couple days to see how it went.

I already had cloth prefold diapers…what else do I need to utilize them? From my research I learned that I could use those prefolds and just buy a waterproof diaper cover. So off to Amazon I went. I found a pack of 6 diaper covers that had great reviews for less than $30. Great! They show up 2 days later and I’m excited to start this experiment. They even came with 6 inserts…which I had no idea how to use them.

So I wash the diaper covers, aka a “PUL”, “All-In-Two” diaper. I hang them to dry on my drying rack overnight. The next day, we start!

So what I learned is I can tri-fold the prefold cloth diapers that I have and just lay them in the diaper cover. That sounds simple – and it is! That’s all there is to it! The point of the cover is that it stays dry and the cloth diaper ‘insert’ is what gets dirty.

So that brings us to my first issue. The cloth diaper insert was wet and making the cloth diaper wet on the inside as well. It wasn’t leaking outside the diaper though. Apparently you have to ‘prep’ the cloth diaper prefolds/inserts. More on that later.

Second issue-what am I supposed to do with the dirty diaper? I don’t put it in the trash can and the laundry room is clear across the house. I don’t want to put it in the laundry hamper with the rest of the dirty clothes since they have to be washed separately anyway.  So, I had an extra small trash bin that I put next to the diaper changing station.  Now I just throw the dirty diaper in that bin that is then transported to the laundry room when time to do the laundry.

Now, using cloth diapers with disposable wipes brings up another question. Do you want to use disposable wipes with cloth diapers…having a separate trash can and hamper at the changing table.  Not likely.  So, I decided to try my hand at homemade cloth wipes.  I found a couple of plain white small receiving/swaddle blankets that I had never used.  I cut them up into wipe sized pieces.  I already had an empty Pampers wipe container that I decided to use.  I put all the cloth pieces in the container.  I looked up a couple of homemade cloth wipe recipes and decided to use the following:

Cloth Wipe Solution:

1 Cup Warm Distilled Water

~1 Tablespoon Baby Wash (I used my favorite Shea Moisture Baby Wash)

~1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil

Mix all ingredients and then pour over the cloth wipes in the container.  Viola!  That’s it and super easy as well as all-natural!

These cloth wipes also solve the issue of having an extra trash bin by the changing table.  Now all you have to do is throw the used cloth wipe in the diaper bin and wash with the dirty diapers.  Then you can re-use!

So, we’ve been cloth diapering for a few weeks now and it’s a learning process but I am enjoying it so far and the laundry part (dealing with washing those dirty diapers!) is not too bad. I feel good about not piling up non-biodegradable diapers in the landfill and also doing something healthy/natural for my baby.  More updates to come….

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